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ROSEMONT, Ill. — Roofing Hutto TX Alliance president Rod Petrick has issued a challenge to all Roofing Hutto TX Alliance and NRCA members: to adopt the remaining 53 roofs of the 165 stand-alone Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the U.S.

by Nov. 30.

Petrick’s goal of inspecting, repairing, maintaining and replacing these roofs is within reach and will impact families with sick children across the country by keeping them together when they need it most. Numerous roofing hutto tx professionals have already risen to the challenge by adopting 112 of the roofs.

At 166 members strong, the Roofing Hutto TX Alliance serves as the foundation for the National Roofing Hutto TX Contractors Association and is a dedicated forum of roofing hutto tx contractors, manufacturers, distributors, service providers and industry professionals who promote and fund the advancement of roofing hutto tx through research, education, technology and philanthropic initiatives to help the roofing hutto tx industry and their greater communities.

In April of 2017, the Roofing Hutto TX Alliance began working with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) by supporting their efforts to help families with critically ill children stay together and near the hospitals providing them medical care. Ronald McDonald Houses provide private sleeping rooms, meals, and opportunities for families to interact as they go through difficult times. Through sponsorship funds and the adoption of the roofs of the 165 stand-alone Ronald McDonald Houses in the U.S., the Roofing Hutto TX Alliance has brought together roofing hutto tx professionals and companies who donate their time and talents to provide regular roof system inspections, maintenance, repairs and replacements.

“This fall we have been reaching out to our Roofing Hutto TX Alliance and NRCA member to collect data, so we can help the Ronald McDonald Houses with their roof replacement plans,” said Petrick, owner of Ridgeworth Roofing, Frankfort, Ill. “We’re asking our contractors to inspect the roofs and report back to us on the condition of the roof, the roofing hutto tx system currently in place, the estimated life expectancy, anticipated and actual work to be done, and the dollar value of the in-kind labor and materials provided or available. Once we receive the information, we enter it into our database and establish a baseline of roof conditions, so we can begin helping RMHC develop roof maintenance and replacement plans.”

Alliance members take pride in knowing that their work truly makes a difference. Petrick put his words into action this summer when his company, along with Bennett & Brosseau Roofing Hutto TX of Romeoville, Ill., collaborated on steep-slope repairs, the reroof of a four-story flat roof section and a skylight restoration at the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. “During the experience, I found out that a member of my crew utilized a Ronald McDonald House when his child was sick; this really hit home for us,” Petrick added.

Another Roofing Hutto TX Alliance and NRCA member, Charles Antis, CEO and founder of Antis Roofing Hutto TX and Waterproofing hutto tx in Irvine, Calif., was the member who initially brought the RMHC initiative to the Roofing Hutto TX Alliance’s attention. He is proud of Petrick’s continued work and mission to make the initiative such a success. “Rod envisions comfortable and dry Ronald McDonald Houses available for families with sick children across this country,” Antis states. “We want to be sure that we get roofing hutto tx companies connected to all 165 Houses. It is an amazing opportunity for the roofing hutto tx industry to give back on such a large scale.”

Susan E. Kenny, development director for the Orange County (California) Ronald McDonald House, worked with Antis Roofing Hutto TX and Waterproofing hutto tx to repair the roof on her location. Kenny said if Antis would not have made the roof repairs, the organization would have never known there was something wrong; she’s very grateful for their work. “What started as a simple conversation about how we could work together to support our Orange County families soon developed into a national partnership to support RMHC families across the country,” Kenny added. “I love how Charles and his team think big! It’s not just about our neighbors; it’s about what they can do to make our world a better place. The engagement of the Roofing Hutto TX Alliance at all levels has created incredible momentum.”

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